We are glad you're interested in our group! Please find information on current positions below. Potential students must be admitted to Carnegie Mellon, e.g. the Mechanical Engineering graduate program, before joining. Unfortunately, we cannot provide financial support for visiting students or interns.

Postdoctoral researchers

We are currently looking for postdoctoral researchers with expertise in the design of high-performance exoskeletons, human locomotion biomechanics experiments, or both. If you are interested, please send an email with a CV and a few representative publications to Steve Collins (stevecollins@cmu.edu).

Doctoral students

We are currently looking for PhD students to study fundamental aspects of human rehabilitation and assistance using wearable robots. Approaches utilizing experimental device design, biomechanics experiments, and/or dynamical systems theory are encouraged. If you decide to apply, please include an idea for a project you would like to pursue and the technical approaches in which you have strength or interest. We usually make offers once all applications have been submitted in the spring, so please apply using the online mechanism above and we will contact you.

Masters students

We are currently looking for Masters students to design experimental biomechatronic devices and conduct biomechanics experiments on humans. Enthusiastic students should email Prof. Collins with application interests and technical strengths. We can only consider students who are currently enrolled in the M.S. Project degree option in the Carnegie Mellon Department of Mechanical Engineering or Robotics Institute. We usually finalize research plans at the beginning of the fall semester, so please get in touch at the end of August. Unfortunately, we do not have funds to support Masters students.

Undergraduate students

We are always looking for undergraduate students to help with mechanical design and biomechanics collections. If you'd like to get hands-on experience in this exciting research area, please email Prof. Collins with your interests and technical strengths. For those interested in design projects, Engineering Design I provides a strong foundation.

Carnegie Mellon Juniors can pursue summer research for a small stipend while Seniors can conduct honors research during the semester for credit. To secure funds for summer research, please apply to the CMU SURF program. Applications are due in late March, so contact us with your research interests at the beginning of the month. To participate in the Honors Research program, maintain high grades and schedule two semesters of research for your senior year.