CMU Bipedal Locomotion Seminar

The Carnegie Mellon Biped Seminar is a weekly meeting amongst students and professors who study bipedal locomotion using a variety of approaches. The format is a one hour meeting, once per week, with a graduate student presenting on a topic of their choosing related to their research. We encourage discussion and interaction, especially from fellow students. Unlike lab meetings, these are intended to work like small, informal conference discussions or workshops.

The purposes of the seminar are to:
(1) provide new perspectives on projects,
(2) practice presenting and answering questions,
(3) provide a forum for students to connect, and
(4) foster collaboration between research groups.

Although the name of our meeting includes "CMU", we encourage participation from all interested students and faculty. Typically, we have attendees from Carnegie Mellon, The University of Pittsburgh, and Disney Research Pittsburgh. If you are interested in attending, please feel free to drop in. To present your work, please contact Steve Collins:

We currently hold meetings in room 5304 of Wean Hall from 2:30-3:50 on Fridays. The Google calendar below has an up-to-date schedule, including some related events on campus:

Some of our participants:

Chris Atkeson

Zach Batts

Josh Caputo

Tianjian Chen

Steve Collins

Tyler del Sesto

Ruta Desai

Stuart Diller

Evan Dvorak

Blair Emanuel

Siyuan Feng

James Gabriel

Hartmut Geyer

Jessica Hodgins

Weiwei Huang

Rachel Jackson

Junggon Kim

Myunghee Kim

Rohan Krishnan

Pat Loughlin

Arash Mahboobin

Carmel Majidi

William Martin

Biju Obi

Katie Poggensee

Robbie Quesada

Kyle Rawding

Mark Redfern

Sid Sanan

Alex Schepelmann

Seungmoon Song

Koushil Sreenath

Gelsy Torres-Oviedo

Jiuguang Wang

Eric Whitman

Peter Whitney

Kirby Witte

Albert Wu

Mailing Wu

Ben Xinjilefu

Katsu Yamane

Juanjuan Zhang

Some of our alumni:

Arjun Arumbakkam

Pranav Bhounsule

Soongeun Cha

Tianyao Chen

Baek-Kyu Cho

Dongil Choi

Chris Dellin

Ashritha Durvasula

Kathryn Geberth

Bryan Hood

Taesoo Kwon

Philippe Malcolm

Bill Messner

Michael Mistry

Akihiko Murai

Uma Nagarajan

Kanchi Nayaka

Sarah Neyer

Federico Parietti

Michiel Plooij

Nitin Sharma

Ben Stephens

Mike Taylor

Jan Warnaars

Xiaobin Yu